Illuminate Your Being  

A Meditation & Spiritual Practice Retreat

Cultivate a profound inner stillness and fulfillment that emerges from an illuminated mind, emotions, body, and consciousness.  

When things slow down I’ll get into a regular meditation practice. Maybe next weekend I’ll find time to try out those calming breathing exercises I read about. After I finish this project at work I’ll take some “me” time.  

Have you found yourself saying these kind of things to yourself?  

It’s like you know something needs to shift to get you into a peaceful, still and vibrant state of mind… but somehow everything that supports that keeps getting pushed to the back burner.  

And when you’ve been going for so long at that constant driven pace, a 15-minute meditation or even a full yoga class doesn’t really touch that underlying tension and mental grind that has become a constant companion. 

Now, imagine a weekend where you step fully away from the incessant to-do lists, the rushing to the next thing, the pushing forward on all engines.  

A weekend just for you… where you are so nourished that the tension and stress dissolves into a profound rejuvenation and enduring connection with your essence.  

In the Illuminate Your Being Meditation and Spiritual Practice Retreat everything is provided for you to sink deeply within yourself. It offers a perfect balance of meditation, gorgeous natural environment, personal reflection, enlivening breathwork and movement, soul-full community, and delicious, healthy food to restore an inner harmony and luminosity.  

All of the spiritual practices you’ll experience throughout the retreat will help to clear away any mental, emotional or physical haze so that the light and life force within you can really shine.  

Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience during the retreat...  

  • Guided meditations to quiet the mind and experience the stillness within
  • Breathwork to bring life force and rejuvenation into the cells
  • Spiritual wisdom and guidance from experienced facilitators
  • Light work practices to illuminate anything held in the body, mind and emotions 


  • Personal time in silence and reflection
  • Conscious movement practices to enliven and open the body
  • Connection with the peace and beauty of nature
  • Profound and authentic conversations with an amazing community  
  • The weekend will also include a sacred fire ceremony (puja) on Saturday evening.  


Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is this retreat for? Beginning and experienced practitioners who are ready to dive into full days of disciplined (and fun!) spiritual practice. Those who are ready to move and be moved.  

Do I need to have experience in meditation to participate? No, you don’t need prior experience with meditation. We’re 100% available to guide and teach you along the way!  

Dates and locations coming soon