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In this mini-course, you will experience how the power of imagination, intuition and perception are used to shift your mindset and create a profound life.

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The Power of Imagination

Imagination is that creative force that begins the manifestation of everything we see around us and everything we feel inside of us. In this lesson, Sai Maa master teacher, Rajeshwari Maa, guides you into the source of where our confidence comes from and how to improve it with our imagination.


The Power of Intuition 

The next step in the manifestation process is to engage our intuition. Becky Morrison, a Sai Maa master teacher, explains the intuitive mind, how to tap into it, and what the experience may be like.


The Power of Perception  

Our perception creates our reality. In this short video, Becky Morrison brings us into the transformative power of perception and how it can change our entire world in an instant.