The Power in Your Minds Practicum: The Art & Science of Using Your Mind

The second program in The Power in Your Minds series, The Power in Your Minds Practicum, is a four-month, highly interactive program that provides a structure for the practice of using your mind to manifest your desires. In the program, you will use your higher mental faculties to manifest goals in three areas of your life: Health, Wealth and Fulfillment through the repetition and practice of a systematic method.  

Nine Elements of The Power in Your Minds Practicum:  

1. Training in a systematic method for using your mind to manifest your desires. 

2. Three audio recordings with Sai Maa: ____a. Wealth ____b. Health ____c. Fulfillment 

3. Email access to Sai Maa, during the Practicum, to share progress, achievements, and ask questions. Please note, you may not receive an email response from Maa. The response may come in other forms.

4. Practicum Groups: Study groups that meet weekly, self-facilitated with guidelines provided by the Practicum facilitators. Everyone will be assigned to a Practicum Group at the beginning of the Practicum.

5. Readings to elevate your thoughts.

6. Access to the entire The Power in Your Minds course to review as much as possible.

7. Three Live Community Satsangs with the Practicum facilitators.

8. Private Facebook Group for the Practicum to engage fully with the community. 

9. A personal journal practice that inspires true fulfillment, including specific instructions on how to journal and guidance for this practice throughout the Practicum.  

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Tuition: $1,650*  

Interest List

Special Offer: If you refer someone who has not participated in a course with Sai Maa who registers into the Power in Your Minds six-month online course, we will gift you $100 per registration off your Practicum tuition (there is no limit to the number of registrations you can receive credit for). For more information about the Power in Your Minds upcoming class you can go to

Please fill out this brief form letting us know when you have referred someone to register into the course. We will automatically refund you for the number of registered people that you have referred into the course. 

What people are saying about the course 

"The structure and support of the Practicum was exactly what I needed to integrate The Power in Your Minds work into my daily life. It launched me into action that shattered self doubt. I experienced the thrill of creating my life from a new paradigm during this course and now have a system to go beyond what I ever thought possible" ~Michelina Jornov  

"I am seeing the life I have dreamed of (and way more!) actually become a possibility instead of a dream. I am extremely grateful for this program." ~Laura Fontaine  

"Working with my group on a weekly basis for 3 months was transformative. It gave me the soul support my being had been craving since I can remember. It was safe place full of love, compassing, wisdom, nurturing. It was a divine space that lifted me closer to my divine self every week. No nonsense just truth and love!" ~Miranda Esmonde-White  

"This program allowed me to widen the vision of my functioning and to overcome certain limitations: it is a liberation!" ~Michel Hubert

"While The Power in Your Minds course is full of knowledge and uplifting energy, the Practicum is a call to action! Because of the design and structure of the program, progress in one's life is an assured outcome!" ~Priscilla Timberlake Freedman  

"I was not clear about my true goals in life before. I did not know that I have the power in my mind to pursue and create them. This education is the most significant education I have ever received in my life. As an economics graduate, US certified cotton trader, Swiss certified private banker, Liechtenstein certified trustee, Swiss certified dog trainer - this is clearly the most significant education i have ever received so far!" ~Noëlle Fueter-Stahel  

"This program helped me build clarity on my goals and current life paradigm. I appreciate my small group sharing and support network and benefited from the exercises." ~Elizabeth Mills  

"The Practicum is a great way to clarify and bring into focus the 6-month program. It's concise, precise and it works." ~Aurica Berger