The Fundamental Shift

 - from striving to fulfillment -


join us on the path of transformation

an invitation to explore

What does it take to create a fundamental shift in our lives… to go from feeling a constant need to chase after something outside ourselves to having an inherent sense of inner fulfillment? This workshop is an invitation to explore… explore those vital questions that get covered up by the busyness of life, explore how to manifest what is most meaningful to you, explore the possibility of being anchored in an unshakeable peace, even in the midst of chaos.

tools for transformation

The knowledge, self-awareness and tools you will gain in the workshop will support you in being more effective in living what you want in life. You will:  

  • Learn to directly access the source of lasting fulfillment and happiness 
  • Use your drive to achieve and accomplish, to fuel your self discovery and transformation  
  • Gain new awareness about yourself and your inherent potential 
  • Practice simple meditation and self-inquiry techniques to quickly come back to a calm center  

the fundamental shift

join us on the path of transformation