Exercise 1: The Discovering of You

As you begin your inner journey, the first step is AWARENESS

Be aware. Aware of what? Aware of the negative backpack you carry day and night wherever you go. Aware of your life in the false matrix created and programmed by your environment from conception until now. You have not been the author of your life; it has been instead the “programmation” of others into you with all their limitations.  

Be aware of the false notions of yourself—that you can’t do it, that you can’t make it, you are not good enough, not capable, and so much more. And it all went into the subconscious mind.  

The mind is receptive to symbolic acts. You are going to send a clear, a very clear message to your subconscious mind—a clear message! This is to make room for what empowers you, your inner positive power. During these six months, your past will not have the same power over you anymore!!!  

Now, go in your journal and write all the negative energy, words, actions, feelings, that you carry in your backpack. Make a list as long as you want of these negative qualities. Throw the paper in the ocean, or in a river, or burn it in a fire. This act will have a great impact on your subconscious mind.

Yes, others have been programming you, and now you deprogram these limitations and choose your own “programmation” with YOUR IMAGINATION, together with all your mental faculities.  

You are NOW the author of your life.  


Awareness that you were born with phenomenal qualities; meaning you carry within you supreme powers to create success, ultimate health, great healthy relationships, financial freedom and more... with awesome knowledge, all for you, with you, programmed by you, affirmed by you, using all the higher faculties from your higher mental body.  

Awareness of your richness. Yes, you are such an amazing and rich human being by nature. Yes, it is also true you were not educated to develop these higher mental faculties. There is such a treasure within you, a fortune of knowledge as well as material abundance. You were born with so many laws inside of you, such as the Law of Order, the Law of Opulence, the Law of Abundance, the Law of Prosperity, together with the Law of Vibration.  

These higher faculties await you, are ready to work for you, and together we are going to develop these powers over the next six months. After this for six months, we will review and study this work to go even further. 

Let’s start with the divine gift of Your IMAGINATION.  

Observe your imagination. Start to imagine a new life—a life created from your higher mental faculties. Begin to practice creating from your higher mental body. Be aware of your imagination, what kind of imagination scenes you are having. Be aware, catch yourself.  

Come out of that false identity. NOW.  

Consciously use your imagination to look at one aspect of your life, and use your imagination to consciously create a new reality. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Breathe it. See you in it. Make of it really an everyday life.  

Shift your paradigm from past to now. New. Newness. Using the divine gift of your imagination. Observe when you are feeding that new reality and when are you feeding that false identity with your imagination. Practice, enjoy, and play with the divine gift of your imagination. 


  • Write all the negative energy, words, actions, feelings, that you carry in your backpack onto a piece of paper. 
  • As a ritual, offer the paper in the ocean, or in a river, or burn it in a fire.
  • Spend 5 minutes each day consciously creating a new reality in one aspect of your life, using your imagination. First contemplate, then journal about how you see yourself in it. Describe what you see, touch, and feel in this new reality.