“Change your paradigm to experience a more peaceful and fulfilling life.” ~ H.H. Sai Maa 

Week 1 

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! 

Today is a great beginning as we enter together the domain of the mind and unleash its phenomenal Power _—with understanding, thinking, choosing, deciding, exploring. Each component is being designed for you to work with your paradigm. Be fully engaged to get the maximum benefits of your deep transformation at all levels. I guarantee that this course will be a manifestation of the most rewarding experience of your life. During these six months, you will receive your weekly multimedia program, and you will engage repetitively with lessons, each one containing a video, audio, and an exercise. In addition, a new membership program will be offered as a natural next step. The membership program will run from July to December and is designed to support you in deepening the work of reprogramming the subconscious mind and accessing your innate powers. My request: Obtain a journal, or create a file on your computer. You are going to step into a different frequency regularly. Your awareness will increase, sharpen—more than you expect. We will look at all positive aspects of you, as well as identify the negative mental backpack programmed by others in you. We will look at all mental burdens preventing you from being at peace with yourself and enjoying a fulfilling, abundant life in a state of enlightened consciousness while living on this planet. Together, we will move from: ______________False __Matrix ______________True___Matrix ________ _____Source _Matrix Identify… IdentifyIDENTIFYWe will explore the burdens of your minds similar to what we did in the Journey of Profound Healing, with more awareness this time. We will discover all the negatives we carry as well as all the positives we were born with. Your paradigm is being shifted. Yes, it is all about your paradigm! During these six months, through practice and repetition, your paradigm will shift dramatically. A new paradigm will be created by you, ONLY you. Listen over and over to each lesson. Keep repeating, through repetition you will develop the power of/in your MINDS. Oh, I am so thrilled as I KNOW the end results of this program. Begin to use your higher faculties, starting with your IMAGINATION. Your Ever,  


Video with Lucinda Hanover

Week 1 Teacher Video: Lucinda Hanover

Message from Sai Maa

Week 1 Audio H.H. Sai Maa  

Music by Sol Rising aka Brandon Au & Divasonic 

Week 1 Exercise 


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